"Remember, health in body, mind and spirit is the ONLY thing that elongates your life."

20, young lady trying to change her life for good, with no loopholes or relapsing. I love anime, food, food, exercising, friends, fun and science.
God is the only reason I'm breathing moving, and when I feel low, I look up to him.
I'm very open feel free to approach me on anything. Need a friend? I'm there, motivation? I'll be there. I love to laugh and motivate. I'm one hell of a stubborn Taurus.
Let's do this shit..

An Exercise program just as great as insanity! (or better)

Alright You guys need to get on this and fitblrs need to reblog, IF you are a at home workout person (like moi) Fitness Blender is the way to go!


Sign up!


Super intense HIIT training.


Awesome Toning and Abs workouts.

A constructing 8-week fat loss program for those always asking the fitblrs about LOOSING WEIGHT JESUS.

Very versatile.


Go on there! I swear by it!

LITERALLY MELTS FAT AWAY (with proper eatery of course!) 

Summer Bod, or better yet, FOREVER BOD HERE WE COME!

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